Icon Zoysia

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Icon Zoysia is naturally resilient to drought.

ICON, a zoysia grass with an emerald green hue, is naturally resilient to drought and chinch bugs and quickly establishes itself. It was originally found in eastern Australia’s rocky cliffs, beach dunes, and salt marshes and is among the most salt-tolerant turf varieties. Its innate charm and impressive resilience make it a lawn that you and your loved ones can appreciate. Information on behalf of Sod Solutions.


Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home


Mower: Standard Rotary, Reel

Height: 1-2″

Weed Control: Very Good

Insect Resistance: Very Good

Disease Resistance: Very Good

Wear Tolerance

Wear: Excellent

Injury Recovery: Excellent

Color Profile

Color: Emerald-Green

Fall Color Retention: Very Good

Spring Green Up: Very Good

Shade Tolerance

Shade: Very Good

Drought Tolerance

Drought: Excellent

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